• Limited Monerochan-Mug-Pack
    Don’t have a Christmas present yet? Don’t worry! Get the limited Monerochan-Mug-Pack consisting of a cute mug with Monerochan-print and heart-handle and a total of 15 stickers (5 of every design) now! There are only 10 available so better hurry before they sell out, Happy Holidays πŸ™‚
  • Announcing new “Digital items” platform for creators
    Today we announce the launch of a new “Digital items” page. It is supposed to be a sort of platform for people in the Monero community (but also outside of it), where you can list digital items either for free together with a donation-address or alternatively sell them for Monero without any fees (outside of […]
  • New Crypto Exchange page
    You can now swap many different cryptocurrencies into Monero (or other coins) right here on! There is a tutorial video right on the Crypto Exchange page in case you need it, although the system is very intuitive and should be easy to understand πŸ™‚ By using our exchange feature, you support without paying […]
  • Monerochan plushy email notification sing-up now live!
    The launch of the Monerochan plushy is still some time out but now you have the option to register an email address to get notified when it goes live. Especially helpful for people who want a plushy but don’t browse reddit/4chan all day πŸ™‚
  • New Metallic Design Now Available
    You can now order the classic Anonymous Money design in a fresh, new, metallic look! Very cool! We hope you like it πŸ˜€
  • Option to fund Guerrillas / get funded now available!
    We have introduced a new system to make spreading the Monero-Message more accessible for Monero Extremists low on funds. This is an attempt to get huge amounts of stickers into the hands of those who are eager to place hundreds of stickers but might be limited by their financial situation.
  • New “History” Design Now Available!
    We are proud to annonce the first ever new design coming to! The thought-provoking β€œHistory” design by u/afsdkjhblkjhbav is available either as a pack of 55 or at a slight per-sticker discount in the “Combo-Pack” together with 530 of the classic “Anonymous Money” stickers. We hope you like the design and are open to […]
  • [All gone] Free Monerochan sticker included with the next 10 “680-sticker” orders
    We are currently working on getting new designs added to the shop, which includes ordering small samples from different suppliers. As a result we have 10 Monerochan stickers to give away with the next 10 orders of the 680 option (aka the Monero Extremist option πŸ˜‰), we hope you like them! There are some very […]
  • Cheaper international shipping for small orders
    We are happy to announce that we could drop the shipping cost of small international orders (55 stickers) by a whopping 63% (from 10€ down to 3,70€)! This should make the stickers more accessible, especially to people in lesser populated areas who might not need 500+ stickers to plaster every lightpole in their town πŸ™‚
  • launch
    Getting tons of cheap monero stickers to plaster your city with has always been quite the chore, with the launch of this site, hopefully not anymore! Simply select the design you want to order (new ones coming in the future) and pay with Monero πŸ˜€